The Horror!

I love ice cream. I mean, I *really* love ice cream. Former roommates of mine have complained that they could never find a clean spoon or bowl because of my penchant for ice cream – they were always in the dishwasher.

These days, my wife and I have taken to walking to our local Baskin Robbins once a week (with Andrew in his handy backpack.) It’s become one of my favorite post-dinner activities and allows me to briefly sate my neverending desire for that frozen goodness. Unfortunately, today, that happy moment turned into one of sheer horror. Something happened to me that hasn’t happened since I was 10, and until this evening I’d managed to lock it deep in the bowels of my memory.

On my way home, I dropped my ice cream cone:


I barely managed to compose myself quickly enough to cover Andrew’s eyes – he’s too young to see something like this.


~ by Nathan on June 21, 2005.

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