E. Coli

On Saturday, Mercury had its family picnic. When Mercury sets its mind to it, it can really do things right: it had a petting zoo, clowns, pony rides, and even a huge trapeze you could go on! Andrew had a great time crawling around and checking out all the clowns and playing with the baby-friendly toys. Not to mention watching all the kids with amazement, clearly thinking “man, I’ve got to figure out this walking thing!”

And of course, the food. So much food! There were ribs, hot dogs, chips, corn, chili, and more. Even ice cream! Needless to say, eating when you are carrying an 11-month old is no easy task, so I went for a very straighforward sausage and bun.

And I spent the entire night (and much of Sunday) in my bathroom. And no, it wasn’t to take a long shower.

Oh… my… god. I don’t know if it was E. coli or one of its fun bacteriological friends, but it always amazes me how much pain a microorganism can inflict.

Oddly enough, in the midst of my battle with these invaders, I remembered a story. A number of years ago, Jack in the Box had a series of food poisonings from its food. Shortly afterward, a rather drunk Josh, sitting in the back of a car, decided he was hungry and demanded to be taken to Jack in the Box. At the drive-through, after placing the order, Josh shouted through the window [in a rather gremlin-like voice] “Oh, can we also get some E. COOOOLIIIIIII! EEEEE. COOOOOOLLLLLIIIIIIII!!!” I would’ve liked to have seen the order taker’s face…

Anyway, that’s about all the computer time I can muster at the moment…


~ by Nathan on June 27, 2005.

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