The Halloween Bee

Yesterday was Andrew’s second Halloween, and this year we decided to get him a full on, proper costume (last year he got an orange onesie and a hat – which sure made him the cutest pumpkin ever, but that’s so cliche. Now that he has a bunch of baby friends he definitely needed to get an outfit that made him stand out in the crowd! Voila! A bumblebee was born.)

We went into downtown Los Altos yesterday at lunchtime so I could take some pictures of Andrew and the kids from Michelle’s mom’s group. (Click on the photos below if you want to see the full gallery.) The downtown stores had opened up so kids could go trick or treating at lunchtime, and there were throngs of them around! A number of the merchants had blocked off part of the street and had set up displays with pumpkins, toys, and all sorts of fun stuff for the kids. It got me excited for trick or treating that night! Unfortunately, work intervened, and I got stuck in a meeting that lasted until it was too late to take Andrew out. I took consolation in a couple facts: 1. He’s too small to even know what he missed, and 2. at least we got to go at lunchtime. I was still pretty ticked though.

On another Halloween note, Josh and I were talking last night and we both remarked on how few trick or treaters seem to be going door-to-door these days. We both live in a pretty well populated area, and our house only got about 6 groups of kids to come by last night. Josh moved to Boulder which, as he says, is “one of those places where kids should be able to trick or treat safely at night,” but even he only had about a dozen kids come by. I remember spending hours out trick or treating as a kid, wandering all over the streets of Scottsdale and coming back with enough candy to make the entire neighborhood sick. My favorite part was when my sisters and I would come home and dump all of our loot on the ground – and then proceed to spend an hour trading candy in an elaborate system designed so that everyone ended up with what they liked. (Being the older brother I think I may have unscrupulously manipulated the process to my advantage a bit… at least, that’s how Becky and Kristin recollect it! 🙂 ) I’ll be curious to see how Michelle and I feel about taking Andrew out on Halloween when he’s a bit older…



~ by Nathan on October 31, 2005.

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