Mmmm, eggnog. What a classic holiday drink – yum! Better still is well spiked eggnog, in my opinion. But all too often it is butchered by the overzealous lush or simply by lack of creativity.

My dad’s eggnog recipe is fantastic and has won over many skeptics – a few years ago it was formally dubbed “Etternog” by some friends. I’ve reproduced the recipe here, in the hopes that you too might be able to enjoy some this season! (Josh, this post is especially for you – I know you liked it, and I hope you can enjoy it in Boulder!)

1 quart eggnog
4 oz cognac
2 oz rum (clear / light)
2 oz creme de cacao (clear)

Dust each glass with a bit of nutmeg, and enjoy!

Happy holidays!


~ by Nathan on December 22, 2005.

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