Happy Birthday, Andrew – You’re 2!

a_2_bday3.jpgToday, Andrew turned 2 years old. 2!! Wow, how time sure does fly. You always mark the passing of the years with your birthday or other events, but when you can watch your child develop from an infant to a boy it really sinks in how quickly life is moving.

a_2_bday4.jpgMost of Michelle’s family is off on a cruise at the moment, so we did bake a cake but didn’t really have a birthday party with him today – that will come in a couple of weeks. But he got to open two presents today. Andrew’s newest thing is to want to do pretty much everything that Michelle or I are doing – so of course we got toys to help him in his quest. Nothing like a weed whacker! Andrew already LOVES to mow the lawn (and has a lawnmower) so what better thing to get than the weed whacker to help him finish off the yard? I secretly wonder how much bigger he has to be before I can get him to do the yardwork for real!


My folks got Andrew his 2nd favorite household appliance – a vacuum! Andrew has loved vacuums for a very long time, and when Wanessa comes to clean the house he follows her around like a little puppy, laughing and jumping as the vacuum does its work. Now he has one of his own!

I hope Michelle is prepared to hear the noises these things make for a few weeks straight! They were definitely a big hit!


~ by Nathan on July 19, 2006.

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