Michelle’s Day

A report from home:

Today I saw in action what these two little boys are going to be doing to each other for the rest of their lives.

Justin has just learned to crawl – or more aptly put – to move like a man in combat under heavy fire… the army crawl.  Last week, he wasn’t thrilled with his new accomplishment.  He spent most of his time wasting the new skill by crawling to me whining at the top of his lungs so that I would walk him around (him holding my fingers while walking where he wanted to go).  It was as if he was saying, “Who wants to crawl? I want to WALK! I am not wasting my time on this nonsense.”  It is quite hysterical to watch him use his forearms to pull his body around on the floor.  It’s as if he thinks that God granted him legs only to walk, and if he uses them now for crawling, he might wear them out.  Frankly, the look he was giving Andrew was one of sheer jealousy and frustration.  He watches him run around the house and clearly wants to do it too.     However, this week, I think he has learned the usefullness & sheer necessity of this skill:  to torture his older brother.

Have you ever seen those old fright-night movies?  The ones where the crudely built monster is creeping after the people who are screaming and running away.  I always thought they were stupid because the monster moved so slow how could he posibly catch someone.  And why did someone always stop to do something stupid (like pick up a purse or shoe), because you knew they were the one who was going to get it in the end.    Well in my mind, while watching Andrew & Justin,   Andrew was the dumb one who thought if they just moved out of the path he’d be fine – and Justin was the slow monster ambling over but never stopping.

Andrew has a tractor which he was happilly scooping up his wooden blocks and pushing them to another part of the room to dump out.  He had carefully selected the blocks he wanted so that he could fit the maximum amount of blocks in the scooper.  And he was carefully pushing it so that none of the blocks would fall out.

Justin was watching this and carefully plotting the demise of this sweet game.  He waited until Andrew got close enough to him and reached out to spin the tractors wheels.  Andrew of course yells, “no Justin” and moves 3 feet away.  To which Justin army crawls over to him again and starts grabbing for the blocks in the scoop.   Andrew says again, “NO Justin, my tractor” and moves away… making the fatal flaw of moving into a corner.  It’s as if he says, I have two walls on either side of me, I must be secure.  And yet, Justin traps him again trying to play with the tractor.

At this point, I figure, let me save my oldest son from the fate of all those stupid people in the horror shows (you know the blondes that always go into the corner when being chased by someone with a knife).    I say, “Justin come on over here, I have a little tractor for you.” I start honking the tractor’s horn and sure enough he starts ambling over.   But when Andrew moves, he gives away the fact that he is still alive, breathing, and has his precious tractor.  The Justin-Monster moves back slowly around to the prize again.  I say “Justin, come check this out” … Andrew replies “Yah Justin, go look at the little tractor”     To this I think, Humm, Andrew is getting smarter. Justin is tricked one more time and comes on over, leaving Andrew alone for a split second.   To which Andrew resumes his playing, but is still scowling at Justin.

After a few minutes, Justin realizes he has been tricked and is not daunted, so starts the slow army crawl to Andrew.  You see Andrew looking at him with frustration.  “WHY IS HE DOING THIS TO ME!”   He looked at him and said “SHARE JUSTIN!!!”   In the end Justin stole a block from Andrew, Andrew wedged himself on the other side of a table where Justin couldn’t crawl, and Justin was reaching through the table trying to get at him.

It was at that moment when I realized, oh brother.  I have 18 more years of this and when they figure out how to fight – there will be blood involved I am sure.  Let’s just hope they get a little smarter than the blonde chick in the horror films.


~ by Nathan on September 19, 2006.

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