Our First Family Vacation

A few weeks ago we took our first “official” family vacation – a week in Mendocino! We went with Jen & Geoff (yes, she gave birth only a few weeks later!) and rented a house right on the water. We had a fantastic time – both the adults and the kids!

We had typical Mendocino weather – cold and foggy – but this didn’t stop us from heading to the beach for a good time!

Andrew had a blast in the sand, and we did a little tidepooling later that day.
Unfortunately, Andrew decided that hermit crabs are far too similar to spiders (and spiders are terrifying, of course!) so that ended that exploration… though the next day I managed to find a starfish and THAT was so much fun! I’ll convince that kid that marine biology is cool one way or another…

Andrew’s greatest attraction, though, was a team of guys 3 houses down who had finished building a house and were in the process of putting in a septic system. And this meant – a BACKHOE! And DUMPTRUCKS! All of which could be announced at the top of his lungs anytime we went outside. The backhoe has become Andrew’s favorite machinery, and I’m convinced he’d sit and watch a backhoe dig holes for days if he could!

We had a great time with Jen & Geoff and it was a perfect week to spend with them before their big delivery. Their descriptions of Bend were certainly compelling – Michelle and I are pretty excited to go visit Sierra sometime soon, and check out the details on this town! They were the perfect folks to vacation with.


So thanks Jen & Geoff, we can’t wait for the next vacation – this time with baby Sierra!!


~ by Nathan on October 7, 2006.

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