A visit to Bend

jen_sierra.jpgBack in November (yes, I’m catching up on events), Michelle and I went on our first road trip without the boys. We went up to see Jen, Geoff, and Sierra – my first chance to check out Bend and meet our goddaughter! I can’t believe Jen & Geoff have been living there for 2 years now and I hadn’t seen it until just recently. We had a great trip, and little Sierra was quite the hostess.   Of course I was also thrilled to see my ol’ buddy Tucker, the Wall’s black lab, who reminded me all over again that I need to get a dog – or three – just as soon as our boys are old enough!

bend_friends.jpgBend is quite a charming little town. Smack in the middle of Oregon, it’s just 20 minutes from Mount Bachelor – yay, skiing! – and is rated as one of the top towns for triathletes. So of course I fell in love. It’s got a little over 75,000 residents and is growing fast (in large part due to the Californians migrating north, like the Walls!) Jen & Geoff have a well-rehearsed tour and sales pitch on the town! So far it’s worked on a number of their friends, and I have to say they pulled out all the stops for us too! Can you say “check out the cost of this real estate??”

sierra1.jpg Sierra was quite a little trooper, as you can see – she’s already embraced Bend living and become quite the outdoorswoman. You can see her above on a short hiking trip we took – needless to say the Californians were FREEZING but Sierra seemed quite happy to snooze her way through the whole expedition. I need to get me one of those comfy snuggle blankets!

On a more sobering note, the drive back from Bend was a pretty rough one. It turns out that we were driving through the leading edge of what would be a HUGE snowstorm. I hadn’t driven through snow in quite a long time, and after we checked the weather the night before we set out before 5am. Driving through heavy snow in the dark is no picnic, that’s for sure! Luckily we made it through without incident and made it home safe and sound. Thank you Acura MDX! (And thank goodness I didn’t have my rear wheel drive BMW with us – we’d never have made it!)

So thanks, Jen & Geoff, for a great visit, and we can’t wait to come back this Spring!


~ by Nathan on January 19, 2007.

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