TV Lineup, Winter 2007

Ok, Adam posted what he’s been watching on his Tivo, so I thought I’d answer with my own schedule! Now, mind you, I had to do some serious convincing to get Michelle to prune the B-list off of our subscriptions (any of you that have been at our house after Michelle has hit Blockbuster know what I’m talking about!) but here’s our final lineup for this Winter:

Desperate Housewives

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

American Idol

American Idol

Survivor: Fiji
Grey’s Anatomy
Men in Trees (Michelle)
Ugly Betty (Michelle)

Las Vegas (I know, can you believe it? Sad, but we’re addicted!)

And of course we have a constant stream of Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder any time it’s on!

Comment at will – but you’ve got to admit: What are you watching?


~ by Nathan on February 13, 2007.

One Response to “TV Lineup, Winter 2007”

  1. Come on now… why do you have to ‘out’ me to the world? Can’t you just list my shows, and let them be listed? I am sure people can guess that you don’t watch Men in Trees. Your lucky you man’d up and allowed Las Vegas to be both of ours or I would have something serious to say!

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