Hello Big Boy Bed!

Last Thursday was a huge graduation day for Andrew… he officially moved from his crib to a “big boy bed!”

It all started a few months ago when some of Andrew’s friends got a toddler bed. When Andrew would go over to play at their houses, he noticed this new bed contraption and started thinking that maybe HE should be getting one. So, right around the holidays he started asking about getting one. Michelle and I were pretty excited – often transitioning kids out of their cribs and into toddler beds can be a nightmare! We were originally going to wait, but since he was asking, we decided to go for it! My folks were in town for Christmas so we made it a big excursion up to Lullaby Lane, and let Andrew pick out his bed.

Needless to say, the intervening 8 weeks went by VERY SLOWLY and Andrew was surprisingly patient in waiting (though he asked about his bed EVERY SINGLE DAY.) But last week it arrived! We decided to put it together in the morning and here are some shots from the grand day!

At first, I think the realization that getting a new bed meant no more crib stunned Andrew and he was fairly vocal in not wanting his crib to go away:


But, we convinced him to take one final nap (fake of course) in his crib, and he happily obliged:

Andrew watched patiently while I assembled the bed and was initially unsure what he thought of this new contraption, despite all the anticipation:


But there’s nothing like a little sibling rivalry to get you going! Justin, unlike Andrew, thought the new bed was the best thing that ever happened to the bedroom and immediately crawled to get on top of it. Seeing Justin heading toward the bed spurred Andrew into action and they both spent the next half hour jumping on & off the bed and rolling around!



All in all it was a very successful “swap.” Andrew – on his best behavior – has stayed in the bed after all naps and in the mornings! We’ve heard horror stories from parents who find their kids wandering all over the house after putting them in toddler beds, but so far Andrew has been fantastic!


~ by Nathan on February 14, 2007.

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