2 1/2 year old faux pas

Michelle subscribes to Parent’s Magazine, and occasionally she’ll read me this sidebar they have each month that highlights some of the horrifyingly embarrassing things that kids say when out in public. Sometimes I laugh, other times I think it’s contrived – but until recently I couldn’t really relate to the whole experience. Yesterday Andrew, Justin, and I were in the grocery store yesterday doing our shopping for the week. We’d stopped in front of the deli counter to get some lunchmeat and cheese. In general the boys were being pretty good, and Andrew was saying hi to folks that walked by. Until two women passed us and he shrieked at the top of his lungs:

“Look, Dad, look! (pointing) She has a baby in her belly!”

I turned to see who he was talking about, about to say “yes, just like Mommy was with Justin”… but then I looked. Heavy-set? Yes. Pregnant? No. Crap. Of all the things for him to holler out! Thankfully the woman was more embarrassed than insulted/angry and briskly kept walking in the opposite direction. I can now officially relate to that column. I’ve got to teach that kid to keep his voice down!!


~ by Nathan on February 19, 2007.

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