British Airways, Vienna, and Meat

I’m going to keep this relatively brief as it’s after 1 AM and my jet lag is seriously kicking in…  My third trip in as many weeks brings me to Vienna.  I’m here for an eBay Product and Marketing Summit, which gives me a great chance to see a city I’ve never visited, and meet up with some coworkers that I spend tons of time with on the phone, but never get to meet face to face!

I must say that with this trip, British Airways has vaulted itself to the #1 airline in my book.  This trip was just great – a piece of cake.  They had great service and I managed to snag a seat on the upper deck of the 747 from SFO to Heathrow, in one of those seats that lays completely flat and turns into a bed.  Fan-tastic!  I think everything else will only pale in comparison from now on.  To make things even better, imagine the stereotypical British butler: tall, upward in age, chipper, and oh-so-polite (occasionally uttering “Jolly good!” when something pleases him) – well, this guy was the head steward in our area.  He was great!  I don’t know what sort of magic he possessed, but literally anything I needed he would find and procure within seconds, including an in-flight charger for my laptop!

Phil King (for you eBayers out there) is also over here with me and we went on a brisk walking tour of downtown Vienna this morning before heading in to the office.  It’s really quite a beautiful city!  I’ll post some pictures later this week when I have a chance to process them.

Dinner tonight was at a “typical / traditional” Viennese restaurant.  The meal, however, may be the most protein and alcohol-laden meal I’ve ever had!  It was literally a 4 1/2 hour meat-eating marathon that also featured a 6-wine tour of Austria.  One of our coworkers’ families has a winery and he lives for local wines, so we had quite an edification in Austrian varietals during dinner.  Talk about some great wines!  Most weren’t recognizable, but the Reisling was great and a wine they call Gabarina was spectacular.   But the killer part of the meal was the meat.  Oh, the meat!  Those Viennese sure do love it.  We ordered family style and they easily brought enough for a family of 20!  Sausages, pork, beef, chicken, fried meat, breaded meat, meat, meat, and more meat.  It never seemed to end!  We did what we could but there’s only so much protein a person can consume, even with a 6-wine tour of Austria helping to wash it down!  It was actually a fantastic and very memorable evening – thanks to the great hosts here in Vienna!

I’m off to get some shuteye before another day tomorrow – photos to come soon!


~ by Nathan on February 21, 2007.

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