The Naschmarkt

Saturday afternoon, Nina and Karin took us to a Viennese favorite – the Naschmarkt. This is a weekly food / farmers market that the locals all go to for their weekly shopping. However, to call it a “farmer’s market” is really not doing it justice. It’s a huge, multi-block market that covers nearly everything you could possibly imagine! And it’s not just for shopping – many of the stores & booths are happy to have you stick around, drink some wine, have some cheese, and generally relax. Of course you’ve got to fight the crowds to do so! Here’s one of the alleys of the market:


To give you a sense of the diversity of the vendors, here are some examples of what you could find.

These cheesemongers had the absolute *best* cheese store I’ve been in outside of Paris:


Need some bread & proscuitto or ham to go with your cheese?


One of my favorites was the “saurkraut guy.” This guy had enormous wooden tubs, about 3 feet tall, filled with pickles and saurkraut (you can see a big pile of saurkraut in front of him – he’d already sold out of the tub on the left!) He was happy to put it in a jar or just give you a portion if you were going to eat it right away.


And there was nearly everything else under the sun…

About 100 different vinegars




Many types of oil


Beautiful flowers (tulips & hyacinth – my favorite! – were in season)


The range of vegetables and fruit here was astonishing, actually. They had the traditional veggies you’d expect to find in Europe, but the variety of non-local foods was also amazing…


And of course many of the vendors were quite colorful. After I made this photograph this woman good-naturedly accused me of something (in German so I’m not sure what she said – I was with our Italian & Belgian counterparts so no one had any idea!) But she was a great saleswoman and was busy doing a brisk business selling her olives & other marinated goodies!


And of course, last but certainly not least, were the sweets. There were a zillion types of chocolates and a number of different creations – many of marzipan – ready and waiting for us. A few of these will be accompanying me back on the flight!





~ by Nathan on February 26, 2007.

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