Sucky demographic targeting (or: I’m getting old)

My birthday is in a few days. As I progress further into my 30s, I find myself beginning to think more about the fact that I really am getting old(er). Lately I’ve been trying pretty hard to convince myself that no, in fact, 33 isn’t really that old and that hell, I’m training for a half-Ironman – isn’t that youthful?

Of course, leave it to some marketer with a stupid demographically-segmented database to tell me where I really stand. Yesterday I got this in the mail:


“Old Guys Rule?” Christ. You know this kind of direct marketing costs a fortune, so these companies are doing their homework to make sure they only mail catalogs to the people that are most likely to respond to them. In this case their targeting was pretty clear: the pages were full of middle-aged, grey haired guys doing athletic-like things in an apparent attempt to stave off aging. Hmm. I wonder if all the folks at Team in Training look over at me and think “there’s a middle-aged guy doing this training just to feel younger…”

Stupid demographics!


~ by Nathan on March 1, 2007.

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