Another week, another city…

Today’s trip destination: Salt Lake City!  This trip comes with an added bonus of being able to visit my folks tonight and meet their new cat, Simon (who they are quite anxious to introduce me to!)

The purpose of this trip, though, is to work with our local consumer research firm to do a bunch of individual and group interviews with a variety of sellers from here in Salt Lake.  (We chose Salt Lake because it’s not the Bay Area – obviously – but also because eBay has a major customer support operations center here.)

The thing that I’ve been the most pleasantly surprised by on all my travels in the last 6 weeks has been the great progress that has been made in wireless access throughout the major airports.  I’ve been in and out of San Francisco, San Jose, Salt Lake, Denver, Omaha, Vancouver, Vienna, and Heathrow, and in all of them I found great wireless access!  I’m also really surprised by the interoperability.  I have a T-Mobile account which I have been able to use in every airport except Vancouver, even if the main provider isn’t T-Mobile itself – the network partnerships are great.  (I’m waiting to get my first marketing email saying “Subscribe to an annual plan!” given how much I’ve used them in a pay-as-you-go way in the past month.)  But it sure is convenient – it’s great to be able to get some work done – or just kill time catching up on my blog reading – while hanging out & having a snack at the airport… 

Anyway, more later – and then back to San Jose tomorrow morning!  That should be my last (work-related) trip until I head to eBay Live! in Boston in June.


~ by Nathan on March 12, 2007.

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