The Webkinz Phenomenon

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have found our next Beanie Baby!

For those of you that don’t remember, the Beanie Baby was one of the items that really contributed to the meteoric rise of eBay back in the day. This small plush toy was so hot that people would spend enormous amounts of money to acquire it – and the auction format on eBay was the perfect solution to solve the high-demand, low-supply problem and get some great prices for folks!

Ganz has come out with a new product – Webkinz. In many ways, this looks like the Beanie Baby of the new millenium. Not only do you get a stuffed animal, but it comes with a tag and a code. Open the tag, go to, and type in the code, and you can enter a virtual world where you can care for your pet, play games, answer trivia, and more. Apparently it’s all the rage these days. Better yet, Ganz has a strategy for “retiring” production of particular animals after a period of time – making them an instant collector’s classic.


I was tipped off to these the other day. I’ve never really taken part in “flipping” items on eBay (buying retail and then selling on the site) because often it just takes too much effort – waiting in line, laying out large amounts of money up front, etc (think Xbox 360.) But these little guys are $8-10 retail. And I just happened to find that the local Hallmark had a few of them! So, last Wednesday I ran down and picked up 10 – an assortment of cats, dogs, horses, unicorns, yorkies, frogs, and more. Needless to say the lady looked at me as if I was little odd, but I told her I had kids. She smiled awkwardly.

Anyway, I took them home and listed them on eBay the next day. I started them at $0.99, like any good seller would, and listed them as a 3-day auction. The items all sold yesterday. And the net takeaway? $100 profit. BAM! I basically doubled my money with what amounted to about an hour’s worth of work! Not bad.

Today I hurried back to the Hallmark where I’d purchased the Webkinz originally, excited to buy out the rest. What was I greeted with? A completely empty display. Where there were easily 20 before, now there were none. Shoot! I have a feeling some of those are up on eBay now. But the lady behind the counter gladly offered to take my name and number and said she’d call when their next shipment came in!

So, if you’re looking to get into selling on eBay, these are a great place to start! Small, cheap, super-easy to ship – and in high demand. Right now it looks like there are about 8,000 listed on the site… but there’s plenty of demand for them. And if you are willing to hold on to them, the retired ones are going for over $500 in some cases!

Happy selling!


~ by Nathan on April 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Webkinz Phenomenon”

  1. Come to my dinner party Nathan!There will be games offered.2/1/07
    4:00 kinztime.


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