A Webkinz Update

Ok, so it seems the market for Webkinz is really starting to take off!  After making a quick $100, I decided to see if I could track down any more Webkinz.  As I noted, the Hallmark near my home where I got my first set had sold out by the time I got back, so I started calling other stores.  I called 18 different shops in the south bay – and 17 of them were sold out.  Even more interesting is that 10 of them specifically – without prompting – said that the factory had called them to say that they were running way behind schedule and that the latest orders wouldn’t likely be filled until June or July!  There’s nothing auction sites (and sellers!) love more than inventory scarcity…

Needless to say, I hustled over to the one store that had some inventory left and bought everything I could.  They’d actually put up a purchase limit so you couldn’t come in and buy everything… but I still made out with a decent number.  Now, the question is:  Do I sell them now, or just stick them in a closet and wait for 6 months?


~ by Nathan on April 11, 2007.

One Response to “A Webkinz Update”

  1. I wouldn’t recommend holding on to them. If you have been watching Ebay, the Webkinz have begun to decrease. A Sherbet Bunny used to be at least $40, now they go for $25. Not a good trend. I think the reduced availability has hurt Webkinz, and now customers are going elsewhere.

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