Sandbox time!

Back when Andrew was a baby, Opa (Michelle’s grandfather) and I built him a sandbox in the backyard. It’s been a fixture for playtime ever since, as boys are irresistibly drawn to sand. Now, throwing sand at others is a serious no-no, and Justin & Andrew have been to the time-out chair a few times for it. But who says you can’t throw it on yourself? Justin discovered this innovation today and thinks it might be the most hysterical thing he’s done yet! Wait until you hear his laugh at the halfway point in this video…


~ by Nathan on April 28, 2007.

One Response to “Sandbox time!”

  1. Oh boy – how am I going to explain this one at the next mom’s group! I loved how Andrew was whining when he did it to himself… and then Justin did it & he was a-okay with it. Funny.

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