eBay Give Fest


One of the things I really love about eBay is its sense of Community, and its desire to give back. On Monday, we kicked off Give Fest 2007 – we’re rallying everyone in our 3 San Jose campuses, plus the folks in Salt Lake City, to list items for sale in support of some great local charities. We do this through our eBay Giving Works program, which allows non-profits to register and be available for donations from sellers on eBay.

I’m a part of the committee helping to drive this program, and I am really excited to have it kicking off this week! I secretly (ok, not so secret now) have my eyes on the prize for week 1 – if you win, you get to go to eBay Live in Boston… but better yet, you get to fly on the corporate jet! Now that’s what I call an incentive! I’m already on staff for eBay Live, but to go on the corporate jet? That’ll get me listing… 😉 Another great benefit is the fact that the eBay Foundation will also match your donations 2:1 during this period – some great leverage.

No surprise here – I’m donating my funds to the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. And also no surprise – I’m selling Webkinz! I can donate 50% of the proceeds and basically break even on my costs. Of course, I’ll sell some personal things and donate those as well, but the Webkinz are a fun way to do some eBay arbitrage and have the profits go to a cause I support. Visit this link if you’d like to see all the items up for auction for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Silicon Valley. And if you want to check out (or better yet, bid!) on any of my items, you can view them here.


~ by Nathan on May 8, 2007.

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