A little Community “love”

I’ve posted about the eBay Community before – they’re a passionate bunch. In the last year, as many of you know, I’ve been working to completely overhaul the Sell Your Item flow on eBay – the application that sellers use to list items for sale (if they aren’t using an advanced selling tool.) We have over 3 million items listed each day using this application, and millions of sellers use the application each month.

May 7th was a huge day for us – we finally pulled the plug on the old Sell Your Item form in the US (and a few other countries!) It was a major milestone and a great step forward for listing on eBay – we’ve made the process easier and faster than ever for our sellers!

Of course, any change of this magnitude doesn’t receive accolades from 100% of the Community – many folks have spent years learning the old form, and any change means they have to learn something new and adapt. A lot of my time – and my team’s time – has been spent helping folks understand how the new application works and make the appropriate adjustments. Along the way I’ve had the chance to work with some really great sellers – both those that love the new form and those that hate it.

One member in particular, Terry, has been a very active participant in this process. He’s been on the discussion boards for nearly the entire year, working with us to help sellers learn about the intricacies of the new form. He’s been a supporter, but he is certainly not afraid to call us out when we have made unintuitive design decisions or if we have a bug or two in the product! Over the year we’ve developed a pretty good relationship, and along the way he decided to wield his mad Photoshop skillz for the amusement of our Community. I thought I’d share three of his creations. Of course these are all in jest, and Terry and I have joked about them on the boards. But I’ve got to say – the Community sure loves ’em! I’ve got these three printed and posted on my cube – and when Terry visited the eBay campus a few weeks ago, I managed to snag an autograph! Here are my favorites:

This was the first Terry creation – it was put out there shortly after my first Announcement Board post about the new form (which was the first opportunity Terry actually had to grab my face off of a photo on the boards!)


But this next one is really my favorite – the three stooges. I’m in good company! In the center is Bill Cobb, President of eBay North America, and of course on the right is Meg…


And this last one I really enjoyed just for the added touch of the “barf bag.”  Classic!


I appreciate Terry helping us all understand that we can’t take ourselves too seriously, and also for keeping us honest.  He’s done a fabulous job with the sellers that really needed help, and his active participation has really made the new application much better than it would have been without him jumping in.

So, thanks Terry, and keep those photos coming!  I can’t wait to see the next creation…


~ by Nathan on May 15, 2007.

One Response to “A little Community “love””

  1. Nate, I LOVE the user art work. I should post some of the fun things we’ve received from the Answers community. 🙂 Congratulations to you and your team, the Selling UED and Development teams. I’m very sad to be missing eBay Live this year, but I hope you’all have fun!


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