TRIbe: My new team

tribe_logo.jpgI’ve definitely got a bit of an addictive / obsessive personality, and this season I can say I have really caught the triathlon bug. To that end, I’ve joined a new team: TRIbe Triathlon. TRIbe is a small team of enthusiastic triathletes that train together in the south bay area. I’d heard great things about the team, and last week went to a monthly team meeting and one of their track practices (at De Anza college) – I signed up as soon as I left the track!

One of the best benefits of TRIbe is training under our head coach, Becky Lavelle. Becky was recently crowned the USA Long Course Triathlon Champion, and won the Wildflower Long Course race this year, beating out a tough field of professional triathletes. She was also USA Triathlon’s “Multisport Athlete of the Year” last year… and her credentials go on from there! An opportunity to be coached by someone at that level is pretty amazing. But better yet is her approach – at the first track practice, she went out of her way to actually get to know us (I went with another eBayer, ex-Kintana coworker, and fellow triathlete, Anja Hamilton) and she spent individual time with each of us to ensure we knew the stretching drills, etc., that she was having the team do. I’m excited to see what more I will learn from her over the course of this season.

Tuesday’s track practice was also inspirational as I tried to keep up with most of the other TRIbe members – we did a 2 mile time trial (basically run 2 miles as fast as you can.) I finished in 14:00 flat – the fastest I’ve ever run 2 miles – mostly due to the fact that I didn’t want to get lapped by folks on the track! I’m definitely going to get pushed to improve my speed with this group…

The next 8 weeks are going to be pretty hectic for me, so I won’t have any races for a while – I’m doing too much traveling to really train effectively. But my next tri will be at the Folsom International Triathlon in August, where I hope to help TRIbe get some points – Folsom is the Club Championship and gets you bragging rights as the “fastest tri club.” We’ll see! I’ll (of course) be blogging about how the training goes…


~ by Nathan on May 21, 2007.

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