Starcraft II: There goes 2008!

Well, there goes the last remnants of free time I have! Blizzard announced the upcoming release of the sequel to my favorite game of all time – Starcraft II! Starcraft was originally released in 1998 and quickly began consuming my life and those of all my friends, earning the title “Starchafe” (among other more vulgar names) from all the girlfriends who suddenly lost “the men” to long, late nights huddled in front of their computers. After a couple of years, multiple tournaments, and even the setup of our own server, we finally gave up the addiction and put our CDs back in their cases.

Blizzard announced the sequel in Korea on Saturday, and after watching the gameplay demos below, I’m now obsessed with finding out when the release date will be and what I’ll need to do to upgrade my computer so I can play! There goes 2008…

For any of you readers out there I’ve played against, you’ve GOT to watch these previews!  And Josh (who typically played a Zerg to my Protoss) – can I just say “Colossus!!”

Official “Teaser” Reel:

Gameplay Demo 1:

Gameplay Demo 2:

Gameplay Demo 3:


~ by Nathan on May 22, 2007.

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