barf.jpg I am absolutely convinced that the worst feeling in the world is to feel nauseous. Over the years I’ve experienced quite a variety of sensations, but I think the most vividly horrible for me are the ones that stand out as times I was made terribly nauseous.

Here were some of my more memorable moments:

  • That time I foolishly went with my friends on that stupid amusement park ride that spins you in circles against a wall and the floor drops away
  • That one time I convinced myself I’d be fine going on my uncle’s sailboat on a relatively windless day, knowing we’d get stuck far out at sea
  • Just about any plane flight

Needless to say, of everything I hoped my kids wouldn’t inherit from me, a propensity for motion sickness was one of the most important. And until a few weeks ago, I thought the boys had managed to pull it off.

But then it happened. Michelle was driving to LA with the boys and her mom, and Justin lost his lunch in the car. At the time, we thought maybe he was just getting sick.

But last weekend we were on the way back from Pine Mountain Lake, and after a bit of a curvy section of road, Justin turned into Mount St. Helens! I really didn’t want to see his french toast again, but there it was, in living color. All over the car. With 2 hours more to go before we got home. Yuck!

We’re not 100% sure if it was motion sickness because Justin was actually sick on Tuesday… but it’s starting to make me nervous. We have a 5 hour flight to Michigan coming up in a couple weeks for my cousin’s wedding, and two weeks after that we fly up to Bend for Sierra’s baptism. I remember my parent’s horror stories of cleaning up baby barf off of passengers all around them when I was a youngster. Thankfully the pediatrician has given us the OK to give him some benadryl before the flight, so we’re hoping that’ll take the edge off… but if you happen to be on your way to Michigan or Oregon in the next month and see us coming – change your seats fast!!


~ by Nathan on June 4, 2007.

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