Archaeology truths revealed!

Have you ever seen an old archaeological dig, where they basically dig up an entire set of ruins that were previously covered in dirt? I’ve always wondered: how did all that dirt cover an entire set of buildings? Unless you’re talking about Pompeii, how does it all build up? I mean, sometimes it’s as deep as a 2 story building! Didn’t old civilizations ever clean up?

I think I finally figured out how it happens: whoever lived there has KIDS. I built the sandbox in our backyard for Andrew a couple of years ago. It’s got something like > 250 cubic feet of sand in it… or at least it did at one point. I’m now convinced that a good 5-6 cubic feet of sand migrates into our house each week – it is an endless battle to try to sweep / vacuum / swiffer it up. Michelle works hard at it, but it’s relentless!  I’ve become far too accustomed to just feeling sand on my feet as I walk around on our hardwood floors…

I’m pretty sure that in a few more months, I won’t have to walk upstairs to the bedroom – there will just be a big ramp of sand leading from the front yard up to the window at the front of our house!  Some day an archaeologist will dig up our house and think we must have lived right on the beach… but no, it was just kids.


~ by Nathan on June 5, 2007.

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