Boston, Night 1

bcec.jpg Tonight was “orientation night” for all the staffers of eBay Live! Off to the right you’ll see the BCEC convention center (this is the view from my room at the Westin next door) overlooking Boston Harbor. We had a tour tonight – it’s a great venue but it’s HUGE! I felt like I walked 3 miles just getting a tour of the place!

After orientation, the eBay Selling team went out to dinner at our VP’s favorite local hangout, the East Coast Grill. The whole week leading up to eBay Live! we’d heard about how great the place was, and in particular about their hot wings. Now, I’m a fan of hot wings. But the menu gave me a bit of pause – these were called “Wings of Mass Destruction.” Hrm. Well, I thought, I’ve eaten a lot of spicy food since I’ve been in California, and I’m sitting right across from Jim (our VP) so I’d better give ’em a try. eastcoastgrill.jpg I took one bite, and I think the list of expletives that came out of my mouth sets records even beyond my college years. Those f*@!$ers were HOT! Damn HOT! So hot that the table next to us actually ordered a glass of MILK to help them out. Totally true.

Needless to say, I didn’t really taste the rest of my meal, but at least we had the good sense at our table to steer clear of the milk and just order a bunch of “Volcanos” to share. Here’s a shot of the gang racing to drink some after a few hot wings!

hardrockpin.jpg Finally, I’ve posted before about the craze around collectible pins and eBay Live! This year, the Hard Rock Cafe (who also has a thing for pins, apparently – they have a whole club around it) has made 5 custom eBay Live! 2007 pins in various guitar shapes & colors, and only manufactured 300 of each pin. On the way back from the East Coast Grill we managed to convince the driver to swing by so we could all get a set – I grabbed a few extra to trade with Community members on the show floor tomorrow! (If you’re a staff member and are wearing a pin on your lanyard, and a Community member wants it, you’re “unofficially” obligated to either give it to them or, at a minimum, trade with them for one that they’re willing to give up.) I also brought a set of the pins from Vegas last year (they were in the shape of poker chips) and I’ll see how much interest they generate – it’s always a fun way to get to meet a few members!

Well, that’s it for tonight – I’m up early tomorrow to go for a run on the waterfront before hitting the show floor for our opening at 8:00!


~ by Nathan on June 13, 2007.

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