Bobal at eBay Live!

bobal_alice.jpg Today I had the privilege to get to know one of eBay’s true Community celebrities, Bob (or “bobal” as he’s known on the discussion boards.) Bob’s enthusiasm for eBay and eBay Live! is present not only in the outfit he perennially wears to eBay Live!, but also in his devotion to the Photos and HTML discussion boards, where he helps newcomers to eBay learn their way around the listing process. He’s truly, as Jeff mentions on the Chatter Blog, gained a cult following.

Bob’s journey to eBay Live! this year was one of the most heartwarming community stories I’ve heard, so I wanted to share it. Bob (and his wife Alice, beside him in the picture) live on a fixed income, and making the trip to eBay Live! this year was going to prove overly costly for them. When they let the community know they weren’t going to make it, a group of members who loved him so dearly decided that it just wouldn’t be eBay Live! without Bobal there. So they banded together and raised the funds to bring Bob to the show, as a thank you for everything he’s done. He was here in all his glory this year, and I had the privilege to spend a bit of time chatting with him and his wife this time around. Bob’s a great guy and is simply thrilled to be here celebrating another amazing year with eBay. And of course, he got into the eBay Live! spirit and had custom “BOB” pins made for the show, which he handed out to a few lucky attendees. I’m wearing it with pride on my lanyard – and I have to admit, it’s the one pin that I refuse to trade with anyone else at the show!

Thanks for coming, Bob, and thanks for all the help you give to our new members out there!


~ by Nathan on June 15, 2007.

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