eBay Giving Works passes $100 million!

ebay_gw.gifAt Thursday’s keynote, a big part of the focus was on eBay Giving Works, our program by which sellers can list items for charity. They announced a monumental achievement – since its inception a few years ago, eBay Giving Works has donated over $100 million to a variety of charitable organizations. It’s an amazing accomplishment! Kristin Cunningham (that’s her on the far right of the picture below) has led this effort from the beginning, and it was fantastic to see her and the Giving Works team recognized at the keynote – she got a chance to get up with Meg and tell everyone about the program, what it’s been able to do, and where it is heading. Kristin became somewhat of a celebrity after her appearance, and as you can see below, was mobbed by sellers (and paparazzi!) for much of the conference!


I’ve spent some time working with KC and her team on a variety of projects, and got to have breakfast with some of our largest charitable sellers on Friday. One particular seller, Africa Direct, also won an “eBay Community Hall of Fame” award this week. They have an incredible story, and I encourage you to read their About Me page on eBay (and buy something from their store!) They are one of our largest charity sellers, and much of what they do goes to support Heifer International. Kind of a funny name, but fitting – much like the saying about teaching a man to fish, Heifer uses their resources to supply dairy cows to needy villages, and helps them learn to care for the animal, which then supplies them with milk, cheese, yogurt, and other products. It’s a great organization and hearing about them was quite inspiring.

So congratulations to Kristin, the Giving Works team, and Africa Direct!


~ by Nathan on June 16, 2007.

One Response to “eBay Giving Works passes $100 million!”

  1. Nathan, you made my day…thank you so much. Sara and I went to a women’s lambing weekend at Heifer’s Massachusetts farm, and also visited their Arkansas headquarters. We love the ways they support sustainable development. They insist on having programs run by locals, not visiting Americans….a key component is “passing on the gift” so that the ine between givers and receivers is blurred and disappears. We are very grateful to eBay for establishing Giving Works.

    Elizabeth BEnnett
    Africa Direct

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