Andrew “The Ring Bearer” Etter

This past weekend, our little Andrew made his wedding debut as the ring bearer for my cousin Dan’s wedding. We schlepped the whole family east to Charlevoix, Michigan to attend the event. A gala affair, the wedding was held in the courtyard of a huge castle – something we didn’t know until we arrived, but boy did it make Andrew’s day even more exciting! As I dressed Andrew in his tux for the event, I really couldn’t believe how old he seemed – I think the best way to commemorate the event is in photos…

Here’s Andrew and Justin, all decked out before the big event gets underway:

Andrew shows off his designer threads:

Inside the castle were a few carriages – Andrew was determined to be a chauffeur! He was certainly dressed for the part:

No ring bearer in his right mind would allow the place he’ll be standing be dirty! Andrew showed off his mad cleaning skillz (thanks to Mom) and got the entire area cleaned up for the bridal party!

Here he is, performing his function oh so well!

And finally, I couldn’t leave out this photo of dapper young Justin, who, while not having an official role in the wedding, decided to make up his own: the FLIRT!  Watch out, ladies!


~ by Nathan on June 30, 2007.

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