Boating on Lake Charlevoix

Aside from the wedding, the other big event for the weekend was heading out onto Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan. The O’Connors are a boating family – they grew up on boats and have sailed their entire lives. So it’s no surprise that both my aunt & uncle and their three boys all have boats… and we definitely had to go for a ride! Now, Andrew and Justin have been on a pontoon boat on a small lake before, but nothing like Jack’s Formula speedboat! So with much anticipation, everyone got suited up and ready to head out on the lake:

I’ve got to admit – after the previously described barf incidents in the car, Michelle and I were both rather concerned about Justin on both the plane and on the boat. But surprise, surprise – he was the trooper of the bunch! Justin took to the boat and the high speeds like a true sailor – he absolutely loved it!

Andrew, on the other hand, was all about the technicalities. Here is is asking Captain Jack some questions about engine trim and hydrodynamics:

While we were out on Jack’s boat, we caught sight of Uncle Jay’s sailboat, Sapphire:

Finally, toward the end of the day, all the excitement got to Justin and he decided it was time to pass out. To everyone’s amusement, he picked Grandpa – walked over, said “up!”, and promptly fell asleep in his lap for the ride home. A great end to a big adventure!


~ by Nathan on June 30, 2007.

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