Latest album purchase: Rodrigo y Gabriela

This duo is simply amazing – you’ve got to check them out! My latest album purchase is the most recent release from Rodrigo y Gabriela, a Mexican duo who specialize in latin & flamenco-style guitar played at blazingly fast speeds, with some rather intricate percussion work mixed in as well. I’ve got to tip my hat to Marc Andressen, who actually posted about these guys on his blog a few weeks ago.

A number of reviewers have enjoyed their unique cover of an old classic, Stairway to Heaven. But, after buying their latest album, I was quite surprised to see that they covered another favorite of mine – Orion by Metallica. (How many of you readers would have thought that I could pick out a relatively obscure Metallica tune being covered by flamenco-style guitarists, just by ear? 😉 ) Two very different covers, of course, but I’m biased toward Orion myself. It was interesting to hear that Rodrigo & Gabriela got their start in a thrash band, of all places.

Here they are on Letterman playing “Diablo Rojo” – just awesome!  (This is a YouTube video – if you’re reading this in a feed reader, WordPress seems to be turning it into a single image – just click the picture to watch the video – it’s worth it!)

Sadly, I just checked to see if they were on tour – and they just played the Mountain Winery a few days ago! I’ll have to catch them next time…


~ by Nathan on July 1, 2007.

One Response to “Latest album purchase: Rodrigo y Gabriela”

  1. Please don’t call this music “flamenco”. *They* don’t, and it isn’t.

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