Views of Stockholm

After just a couple of days, Stockholm has catapulted into the lead as one of my absolute favorite cities in Europe. This place is fantastic!

We’ve been having a great summit, but outside of the meetings I’ve been able to get around and do some sightseeing (tomorrow is my full day to just go exploring.) I thought I’d share some of the images of the city from my trip so far.

The most significant feature of Stockholm is actually all the water – it surrounds and defines this city. The culture here is very much a maritime culture (and you’d sure better like to eat fish!) We spent one day at the Skype offices, which are actually right in the center of Stockholm – here are a few views off of their terrace, and one of the team having lunch:

Nighttime in Stockholm is quite interesting (if you can really call it nighttime!) Since we’re at such a high latitude, the day lasts over 18 hours – sunrise is around 3:30am, and sunset isn’t until around 10:30pm! Here’s a shot of the team as we waited to head into the restaurant for dinner – believe it or not, this was around 9:00pm – it felt like the mid-afternoon!

When the sun does go down, though, it’s breathtaking at times – here are some evening shots from around the city (and one of us having dinner at the restaurant pictured above):

Many of us who are visiting Stockholm for the first time have repeatedly said that we could easily live here. Now, granted, I think the winters would be practically unbearable (in February, sunrise is 9:00am and sunset is 2:30pm!) But other than that this place is just fantastic. We’ve had great weather – it’s been in the high 70s all week with an occasional light shower here or there. The city is clean and has some beautiful architecture and color to it, and the water, marinas, and boats really add to the atmosphere. In addition, the Swedish people are extremely friendly – very warm and welcoming. It’s definitely a great place to visit!

I’ll post more after tomorrow – I’m going on a boat tour of the canals and visiting a few museums!


~ by Nathan on July 6, 2007.

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