With all the traveling I’ve been doing, getting a decent seat on the plane is an important part of making the trip a bit more bearable. I just started using SeatGuru – it’s a great service and I’d recommend it to any traveler!

The basic idea is that they have the floorplans and seat maps to each airline’s configurations for each of the airplane models they fly. You can look them up (for example, while writing this I’m on an Air France 747-400) and they have each seat on the plane ranked, with some details about why people liked or disliked them.

Through SeatGuru, I decided that my favorite seat on the whole 747 is not, in fact, on the upper deck, but is actually the very first row of seats on the main cabin. Because no one is ahead of you, you don’t have this sense that the plan is ginormous – it’s a bit more personal. Plus, you have a HUGE amount of leg room. Thankfully I landed a seat (1A in fact) in this row on both legs of the trip.

If you haven’t used it before, I highly encourage you to check it out before your next trip!


~ by Nathan on July 9, 2007.

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