Air France Customer Service

airfrance_logo.gifThe French aren’t really known for their customer service. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got tickets on Air France to return to the US from Stockholm, via Paris. What I encountered dramatically exceeded my expectations:

Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is evidently undergoing some major construction in the international terminals. When I checked in in Stockholm, they gave me a booklet – about 8 pages long – with details about how to get to and from the gates in the different terminals. At this point I glanced at my itinerary and realized I had 50 minutes to connect to my flight to SFO, which included passing through two checkpoints and riding a bus. I began to become a bit skeptical that I was going to pull this off, but studied the booklet and mapped out my directions.

When I got off the plane in Paris, though, at the end of the ramp was a woman in an Air France jacket holding a sign with my name. I’m glad I noticed her – I certainly wasn’t expecting her there. I walked up and she confirmed that she really was waiting for me, and said “We noticed that you have only 50 minutes to get to your next flight, so I wanted to help make sure you got there on time.”

I was shocked but happy, and we set off for the next terminal – I definitely made record time! She took me right to the front of the passport line (sweet!), then we went down some secret elevator in a special area of the airport. We walked out onto the tarmac and actually climbed into a private car that was waiting (yes, it was just me and this one official.) She drove me around a bunch of airplanes through a back route to the terminal, and then we got out and went upstairs. Again, bypassed the line and went to the front of security, flew through that process, and walked along to the gate. I can guarantee that there’s no way I would have made it if she hadn’t been there – but I got to the gate just as they started boarding!

It’s surprising touches like that that will certainly earn my loyalty! Thanks Air France!


~ by Nathan on July 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Air France Customer Service”

  1. It is nice to hear when an airline actually looks after its customers. Travelling on a no-frills airline is horrendous normally. And travelling can be so stressful it is nice to be able to get to commence your holiday in France without being all frazzled. Well done Air France.

  2. Have to say that I encountered COMPLETELY the opposite. The first time I fly Air France was in April 2007. On the way back to Dublin my bag got left behind in Paris. When I Got it that night some one had helped themselves to a bunch of my clothes. When I got the reply for the claim, they said because I could not supply the reciepts of the stolen goods they would give me a consolation fee of E300. Then unfortunatley I had already booked two other flights with Air France. I have just returned from the second flight and Lo and behold my bag was left behind in Paris. It is now 4 days later and I still don’t have it. After the air line had said that it was scheduled to arrive on the first flight the morning after I arrived, there has been no other trace of my bag. The Dublin authorities garentee me it is not in dublin, and well the air line just doesn’t know where it is! To make matters worse….my fiance was then scheduled to flly back to dublin yesterday. he was not let onto the flight that he had booked off the air france web site and paid for. the reason for this is because he was having a stop over in Amsterdam and in paris, he would require a visa because he would have landed in two different shengen states…………Makes absolutely no sense in the first place because he would not once be leaving the neutral ground of the airport and secondly, he bought the ticket off the airfrance web site, how on earth would he know that he woul bizzarly have to get a visa to fly through an airport??????! So he ended up having to buy a whole new ticket- explain that? Now worste of all, the third flight that we have booked for December is to fly home to get married, understandably I am VERY nervous to actually take the flight….Imagine my wedding dress etc getting lost? I almost have the assumption now that it will.
    There are no customer service numbers available to the public and the call centre representatives will not pass you on to a superviser. Absolute rebbish.
    NEVER EVER fly Air France!

  3. I agree with the comments. I have had absolutely appaling service from Air France. They lost my baggage, couldnt find it in the airport that they then sent it to. And trying to get any compensation from them has been an absolute joke. They also charge a nice premium on their phone lines to find out what is going on.

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