Bob Hebeler Memorial “Try-athlon”

Last Thursday, a group of about 100 eBay staff gathered together for the 2nd annual Bob Hebeler Memorial “Try-athlon.” This event was created to honor the memory of Bob Hebeler – an eBay executive who inspired many with his leadership and integrity. Bob passed away last year when he was hit by a car during a bike descent in the Santa Cruz mountains. Bob was a fellow triathlete, and completed numerous Ironman events – and in fact would ride his bike from Santa Cruz over the hill to the offices at eBay once a week.

eBay employees chose to honor him with a bike, run, or walk over to a barbeque at Vasona Park, about five miles away from the offices. When we all arrived, Marie Hebeler (Bob’s wife) was there, and Chris Tsakalakis (another eBay exec who had worked for Bob) presented her with a picturebook full of images of Bob at work and his coworker. (The story goes that his family didn’t really know what he did – or that he was a VP! – because he was too humble to really talk to them about how important he was to eBay.)

I only had the chance to meet Bob a few times before he left us – but even from that small number of encounters, it was clear he was a special individual. We’re currently building a memorial to Bob in the courtyard outside his building – he’s missed, but he’ll always be remembered.


~ by Nathan on August 12, 2007.

One Response to “Bob Hebeler Memorial “Try-athlon””

  1. Hi Nathan — This is Margie, Bob’s sister. I stumbled upon this tonight. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for keeping Bob close in thought. He was blessed to have so many wonderful friends. You have touched my heart. I will pass this on to my family. Regards, Margie

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