COPS! Mountain View Style

Friday, August 18
Episode #1974, 8:30/7:30 Central

Officer Bob of the Mountain View Police Department joins fellow officers in the hot pursuit of a gang of young punks in the midst of perpetrating some sort of criminal offense. The extensive chase ends when the occupants bail out of their vehicle in a hotel parking lot, directly behind the house of Nathan and Michelle Etter. With the help of 5 squad cars, a police SUV, two fire trucks, and a K-9 Unit, the 3 perps are quickly apprehended.

Officer Bob and his cohorts quickly pull out the police tape and declare the area a crime scene, bringing a level of excitement to the Etter’s Friday night that they haven’t experienced since they had kids. Giddy as a schoolgirl, Nathan whips out his telephoto lens and stands on a chair on the 2nd floor of their house, shooting pictures as quickly as possible. Needless to say, the arrival of the CSI crew, who proceed to photograph the scene and process & bag the evidence, makes the couple so excited that they practically trip over themselves, nearly waking their sleeping kids in the room next door. Nathan sprints to the backyard to get a better shot of the action.

All’s well that ends well, and the perps are hauled off in the paddywagon, leaving the Etters to head to bed knowing that they’re secure and protected, even if slightly embarrassed by the fact that this, to them, was an AWESOME Friday night.


~ by Nathan on August 18, 2007.

One Response to “COPS! Mountain View Style”

  1. This is the best post I’ve read on any blog in recent memory. The header, the pictures, the arrows – priceless. Michelle’s was nice but she didn’t have arrows.

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