Family Celebrations in Seattle

Last weekend, we packed up the kids and headed north to Seattle to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday with a big family get-together. It turns out we ended up having two things to celebrate – my mom’s birthday, and my sister Kristin’s engagement! Once again the kids were troopers on the trip, and we had a fantastic time. We had a great dinner at the Dahlia Lounge (highly recommended if you’re in Seattle) as the “official” celebration – here’s the entire family together:

One of the images from the weekend that will warm the hearts of my KA brethren came spontaneously from my eldest son. We went to Hale’s Ales brewing company for dinner on Sunday night, and lo and behold they had a tapped keg sitting in a corner of one of the rooms. Andrew needed no prompting – he immediately bolted for it and started pumping away! (At first I thought he figured it was just a bike pump or something, but the incredibly expectant look on his face in the photo leads me to believe that he actually knew what special nectar the keg held!)

Not one to miss out on the action, Justin came armed with his trucks – about 30 of them, in a giant backpack that he wore around for the weekend – and he decided that for this dinner he’d sit next to grandpa and play.

Finally, as I mentioned above, not only were we celebrating my mom’s birthday, but we also got to celebrate Kristin’s engagement! Here she is with her fiance Mike as we toasted their engagement. Mike’s a great guy and hit it off with the entire family, including the boys! An Army Ranger, he’s served tours in Iraq and we’re sure glad to have him back stateside. Can’t wait for the wedding next summer!


~ by Nathan on September 8, 2007.

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