Buffalo and the Big Apple

(Kind of sounds like a kid’s book title, eh?)

This week I’m in Buffalo and Manhattan to participate in two “eBay In Person” events on Wednesday and Thursday.   eBay In Person is like a mini-eBay Live, where a team of eBay employees from our different departments (Selling, Buying, Trust and Safety, Community, etc) head out to local communities where we invite members for an evening of discussions and networking.  I’m on the main panel as the Seller Experience representative – I’ll be hosting a small table for a discussion in the early part of the event, and then on stage for an hour of Q&A toward the end.  I always love the opportunities to get out there and meet the real users of our products – this should be a fun week!

Thankfully, today I was flying on JetBlue which took me direct from SFO to JFK, and then on to Buffalo – if you weren’t watching the news, the entire Memphis airspace was closed today due to an equipment failure of some sort.  It’s after midnight here in Buffalo and we still have folks stuck in the midwest trying to get here… yuck!

In other news, dinner tonight was at the Anchor Bar & Grill – for you trivia fans out there, it’s the original home of Buffalo Wings!  (And yes, their recipe really is quite good!)


~ by Nathan on September 25, 2007.

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