Santa Cruz Sentinel Race Report

Last weekend was my final triathlon for this year: the Santa Cruz Sentinel. It was an olympic distance race, and the first time I’d been out on this course. Here were my final race stats:

Total Time: 2:38:46

Swim: 25:43
T1: 3:59
Bike: 1:16:57 (19.3 mph)
T2: 1:51
Run: 50:16 (8:06 min/mile)

Age group placement: 38th out of 73

This was a pretty fun race, and the first triathlon I’ve done with an ocean swim. I hadn’t actually done an open water ocean swim in a while – I forgot how cold it was! The swim started on the south side of the Santa Cruz Wharf, and we swam out and around the wharf to the north, exiting on the beach. As usual, the sea lions were there at the end of the wharf, wondering what the heck all the people were doing and barking at us.

The swim went well, but this course had another new twist – after getting out of the water, we had to run across the beach and up a steep hill – maybe 1/4 mile – to the bike transition area (this is dripping wet with salt water, wetsuit on, and barefoot!)

I made it up the hill and hopped on my bike for the 25 mile ride up Highway 1 to Davenport and back… and then had the 6.2 mile run along West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz. This was by far the most scenic triathlon I’d done – great views of the ocean all along the way!

In the end I was hoping to break 2:30, but given that I hadn’t been on my bike in quite some time, I realized going into it that it was unlikely… guess I’ll have to save that goal for next year! My times were actually almost all the same as my last race in Folsom – but my transitions actually took longer. Most of that is due to the fact that my bike rack was much farther from the gates than Folsom, but it goes to show that every little thing makes quite a difference…

My next event is the San Jose Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in mid-October, which I’ll be running with a huge gang of eBayers!!


~ by Nathan on September 25, 2007.

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