Salinas Air Show Extravaganza

Last Friday when I was driving home from the airport, I heard an ad on the radio for the Salinas Air Show. The boys have always shared my fascination with planes – and as you may have read, don’t share my air sickness – so I’ve always wanted to take them to an air show. There wasn’t one at Moffett this year, so Salinas seemed like a good bet. Michelle and I packed them up on Saturday morning and off we went!

To parents of boys out there – if your kid shows any interest in airplanes, you’ve *got* to take them to an airshow. This was a great day! We had a ton of fun climbing through airplanes and helicopters and watching the displays – especially the LOUD fighter jets like the F/A-18 and A-10. They even had “Shockwave,” a triple jet-engine semi truck that can reach 376 mph – see the end of this post for a video of it in action. This was Andrew’s absolute favorite part of the show and I couldn’t get any pictures as he insisted on sitting on my shoulders for it!

Here’s our future aviator, gazing off into the sky…

And here he is in the cockpit of a CH-53E Sea Stallion helicopter, demonstrating how to fire the 50mm cannon!

Justin, as it turns out, was more enamored with land-based vehicles and really got excited when he saw one of his favorites – a motorcycle! Here he is, being safe with his ear protection.

Finally, I had to include this shot simply because of the boys’ poses. This was toward the end of the day and they were, frankly, sick of Dad’s photography. And they aren’t afraid to express themselves. Look at that gut!!

And to finish off the day, Andrew and Justin got to pay a visit to the ambulance that was there to help anyone that needed it. The friendly EMT even hooked Andrew up to the EKG and gave him a readout of his heartbeat!

Of course it wouldn’t be an airshow post if I didn’t have some shots of the planes!

Here’s an A-10 Warthog (nasty air-to-ground fighter) that had just done a demonstration:

And an F/A-18 Superhornet doing manoeuvers with a prop plane (sorry, don’t know what it is):

And finally, these crazy copter pilots and a biplane doing ridiculous stunts:

Last but not least, here’s video (not mine) of the crazy jet truck – wait until the last 30 seconds where it races an airplane!


~ by Nathan on October 3, 2007.

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