Thanksgiving Fun in Salt Lake City

Ok.  While Andrew may have inherited my looks (poor kid), Justin has definitely inherited the airsickness genes. 5 minutes before landing in Salt Lake City, the poor kid decided that the apple juice, oatmeal, and yogurt he’d had for breakfast had no business being in his stomach… and decided they might go nicely with (or should I say, on) my jeans and shoes. Ugh. Thankfully that one little blip was the only negative thing in what was otherwise one of the best vacations we’ve had as a family so far. We spent a wonderful week with my folks in Salt Lake and got home safe and sound this weekend.  I thought I’d share some pics from the trip! First off, how can a vacation go wrong when Grandma and Grandpa decide that breakfast the first day should be chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles? And then they invite you to eat them on their bed, while watching your favorite cartoons? Right – it can’t!

 My folks really spent a lot of time planning out the week with lots of kid-friendly activities. Andrew and Justin are both into flying things (planes, helicopters, you name it), so Grandpa pulled out some kites – including one he had brought back from China – and taught the kids all about it in a park nearby:

Vacation wouldn’t be vacation without an amusement park of sorts… so off we went to Jungle Jim’s to ride the rides. Thankfully it was all indoors so we didn’t have to brave the 32 degree weather outside! Brrrr!

Michelle earns the “classic move” award. One part of Jungle Jim’s was a big climbing area, with lots of fun slides you can go down. I’d been following Justin around since he was on the small side for it and needed help, and when it came to the slide I went down and held him on my lap. There was a good 12 inch drop from the end of the slide to the pad on the ground, and I certainly had a good jolt when I came out… but I managed to avoid any pain (extra padding, perhaps.) Michelle didn’t fare quite so well:

 Andrew knows the chocolate chip cookie recipe by heart. Seriously. So here he is teaching Grandma when the right time is to add the eggs:

 And finally, we got to wrap up our days in the giant jacuzzi upstairs – “WITH BIG JETS!” as Andrew liked to say:

 All in all it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Auntie Becky and Uncle Joe came by for the last few days, and of course Leo (the cat) and Skipper (the dog) were also big hits with the boys… I see a cat in our future for Andrew. Hope your Thanksgivings were as fun as ours!


~ by Nathan on November 25, 2007.

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