eBay c’est vous

I lifted parts of this from an internal article talking about eBay and the new ad campaign for eBay in France – it’s quite a fascinating experiment! Thought I’d share:

In late October, eBay France launched its first TV advertising campaign: “eBay c’est vous” (“You are eBay”). The campaign centers on a really unique and cool twist: providing TV advertising space for Community members, thus giving them the opportunity to advertise their eBay listings in front of an audience of millions!

Part of the world’s first commercial 2.0 campaign, the TV spots put eBay users in the limelight and celebrates what makes eBay so special…the diversity of its Community. The campaign kicked off on Oct. 29 with a special eBay France auction where members had the chance to bid on 10 TV advertising slots.

All non-professional sellers were invited to bid in the auctions. The winners – from various categories – would then have their listings chosen to star in a TV commercial. The auctions garnered lots of interest from enthusiastic sellers all wanting their chance at stardom. Bidding ended in early November with the winners paying between 250 to over 2,000 Euro for the commercial spots. Since Nov. 11, all the commercials have been featured on major TV channels in France. Each commercial spotlights the diversity of eBay and features both newbies and more experienced eBay users sharing a portfolio of items – ranging from “weird and wonderful” to “boring and convenient.”

To see all 10 commercials (available in French) featuring eBay Community members, visit: this link.


~ by Nathan on December 4, 2007.

One Response to “eBay c’est vous”

  1. Brilliant campaign. Do you know if this is where the “ebay, c’est vous” campaign stops? Was there any pre campaign advertising on tv, online, via email? Thanks

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