Saffie’s Visit!

Today was a fun day at the Etter house – we had a visit from the Richaus, who introduced us to lovely little Saffron! It was our first introduction and we got to spend some great time with her! Here’s the Richau family in all their glory:


Doesn’t Saffie look like Josh? Uncanny. As Amy remarked, Josh would have been a cute girl baby!

Amy came over to the house around noon today, as they moved out of the hotel on their way to the Johnston’s, where they’ll be staying for the next few days. (I was working from home today so got a little time over lunch to hang out.) We all got to spend some quality time with Saffie, and Andrew and Justin were quite smitten with her! It’s really a shame I didn’t take any photos (duh!) – they both were so gentle with her. Justin in particular really seemed to want to try to communicate, puzzled that she couldn’t talk. And Andrew just smiled and seemed as happy as could be that she’d hold his hand and stare at him.  She smiles ear to ear whenever she sees her mom or dad – they’re quite a family.

Josh came over after a day at HP, and we had a typical “family dinner with kids” – meaning no one really sat down for very long, and the adults mostly ate at different times, whenever we had a chance.  But it was a great time, as always!  It had been far too long, and it was fantastic to catch up with some old friends.  Thanks for coming, Richaus, and we’ll hopefully see you again soon!


~ by Nathan on December 5, 2007.

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