Green Citizen: A perfect solution to leftover electronics!

For about the past month, I’ve been helping Michelle’s family sell a bunch of the old electronics from their printing business. I’ve sold printers, scanners, computers, routers, print servers, and more. But the one thing that seems impossible to move are old, 20″ CRT monitors. Who wants ’em? Flat panel displays are so cheap these days that buying an old honkin’ big monitor seems a bit ridiculous.

So, there I was, stuck with 6 huge monitors in my garage. What was I going to do? I certainly didn’t want to just throw them out – so I looked up electronics recycling. Lo and behold, there seems to be an entire economy for companies that are set up to recycle old electronics. I took my monitors up to Green Citizen today, in Los Altos. It was about as easy as could be – bring your monitors, unload them, fill in an electronic form, and you’re on your way! They take the monitors for free, and recycle them in an environmentally conscious way.

Why should you care about electronics recycling? Did you know:

  • A single computer or television monitor contains an average of 4 to 8 pounds of lead. Monitor glass contains about 20% lead by weight. When this glass is crushed in a landfill, the lead leaches into the soil.
  • Just 1/70 of a teaspoon of mercury is enough to contaminate 20 acres of a lake, rendering the fish inedible.
  • In the US, municipal incineration of e-waste is the largest source of cancer-producing dioxin and among the largest point source of heavy metal contaminations in the atmosphere.

If you’re ever looking to get rid of some of your old electronics, please be sure to look these guys up!



~ by Nathan on December 15, 2007.

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