Xmas at the Marin Rod & Gun Club

The Marin Rod & Gun Club sits at Point San Quentin in the north bay, just to the east of the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. Michelle’s grandfather is a member there, and takes advantage of the 1/2 mile pier and boat ramp to fish in the bay (his smoked salmon is a fixture at family gatherings – yum!) I don’t know what it is about this club, but I really enjoy the chance to go there. It’s a lively, thriving club but really reminds me to a throwback to the ’50s – it’s typically filled with older retirees talking about the latest fishing regulations, whether crab season will be any good this year, and who got the biggest elk recently. Every year the club has a Christmas party and we get to bring the boys up for the big show… here are some shots of the club that give you a sense of its character:

The whole shin-dig kicks off with Andrew’s favorite part – a visit from Jeremy the Juggler! (Andrew just simply calls him “The Juggler Man!!”) He can’t wait for this part of the show. And I must admit – this guy’s pretty good! Anyone who can reasonably control a group of 30+ 2-5 year olds, while juggling up to 9 balls and riding giant unicycles, deserves some sort of prize! Jeremy is a whirlwind of energy and his show runs for about 30-45 minutes. He’s typically drenched in sweat when he’s done, and the kids are always amazed at the performance!

I had to throw this in – anywhere there’s cake, Justin is bound to find it… here is Opa saving the entire tray from our little predator…

And finally, a Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without a visit from Santa. Conquering his fears this year, Andrew was actually eager to sit on his lap! And what did he ask for? A helicopter, of course (apple doesn’t fall far…). Or an electric guitar, a tribute to Andrew’s favorite artist of 2007, John Mayer. Here he is telling Mrs. Claus just how many years old he is. 3!


~ by Nathan on December 30, 2007.

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