eBay Happy Hour at Hooters?

hooters.jpgJust next to the eBay campus is a Spoon’s restaurant, a favorite spot for a quick beer or some appetizers after work before folks head home. Happy Hour is about to get a bit more interesting – apparently Hooters is moving in! I’ve got to admit, I can’t see eBay workers frequenting the place (rather awkward I’d say) but with the Pruneyard nearby, the whole area gets a lot of traffic so I’m suspecting it may do quite well. (Hat tip to Valleywag for the info, though evidently the SJ Mercury news also reported it a few weeks ago…)


~ by Nathan on January 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “eBay Happy Hour at Hooters?”

  1. […] thanks to Nate Etter, I found this pointer on Valleywag.  The Spoons is being replaced by […]

  2. Nate, you’ll have to let me know when the first Selling team event occurs at the new neighbors. I can’t believe Spoon tacos are going to be history…

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