I’m an eBay PowerSeller!!

Woohoo! I’m now officially an eBay PowerSeller! I’ve been stretching to get to this for the past few months, hoping I could hit the minimum sales levels to make it. I just got my invite today!

I’ve now got the PowerSeller badge next to my ID – here’s how I look when someone checks out one of my items:

I’m going to live it up for now – you have to maintain your minimum sales volume on a *monthly* basis to keep the PowerSeller status… I’m pretty sure that by March or April, this will be gone – I’m running out of inventory!

P.S. For you readers that only met me after college and wondering about my username, ‘etterpop’ was a nickname given to me back in my fraternity days.  It’s a tribute to a Pledge Mission that, among other things, led me and some fellow pledges to the loading docks of the Otterpop factory in Los Angeles… if you want to know more, that story is best told over a beer 😉


~ by Nathan on January 11, 2008.

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