Club Med, Ixtapa, Mexico

After a rough beginning to 2008 (lots going on at the office, Michelle being pregnant, selling our house, buying another house, cycling accidents & surgery, etc), the Etter family needed a vacation. Actually, we planned this one quite a while ago, but it couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re down here for the week at Club Med Ixtapa, enjoying an awesome week of R&R. The place itself is beautiful and, in fact, better than I imagined it would be… and the kids are having a blast. Better still is the fact that this family resort has a “mini club” for the kids where we can drop them off for a few hours of fun, while the adults hang out on their own… and the boys keep asking to go back!

We’re here with the Walls for the week, and were supposed to be joined by the Bittles but they ran afoul of some passport issues (read here for the story.) We miss you Meg, Joel, Kate & Clara!

Here are some photos from the first day… more posts to come, but expect them to be story-light and photography-heavy! The full gallery of shots is over at SmugMug.


~ by Nathan on April 23, 2008.

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